Wedding Bells

‘Tis the wedding season!

And we’ve all kinds of Indian wear you can adorn, so you can look gracefully out of this world!

Pastels and Coats


Pastels are probably the most beautiful thing in fashion. They make you feel like a Greek Goddess, don’t they? They do that to us, at least! We, at Rithika, are head over heels in love with this combination; and we can’t wait to wear these beauties!


Classic Ombre

And as the evening sets in, it’ll be time to wear something stunning yet modest. And what better than an Anarkali with a blend of hues that grabs attention and leaves everybody mesmerized? Grab this collection at Rithika and go all Indie!

The Front Slit

The days of a skirt with a mid-waist top are long gone. It’s the time of wearing something idiosyncratic! If you love dressing up pretty and different, this outfit is for you!


Lustrous Silk

Nothing could ever match the content of wearing a beautifully woven silk outfit. Neither its simplicity and grandeur. You could wear this to any setting and still stand out! Who doesn’t love looking Royal anyway?!

Gown with a Dupatta

Not a fan of sarees? Drape the dupatta over a gown like a saree and you can worry less about tripping over your own outfit!


Who says the Bride and Groom have to have all the fun? Adorn your classy outfits and make most of the day!